Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Gardening with Barb
Barb Lamson - Master Gardener

Nanci Griffith (59) - Better Things
Dar Williams - Better  Things
Dick Kimmel & Jerilyn Kjelberg - Sweetest Gift
Low - Nowhere Man
Pat Surface & the BWB - If You Could Read My Mind
The Belle Brigade - Where Not to Look for Freedom
Richard D. Henry - That Glory Bound Express
Ernie Halter - Black Coffee in Bed
Thomas Dolby - 17 Hills
Smash Palace - Can't Make It Without Her
Robin & Linda Thompson - Honky Tonk Nation
John McCutcheon - Vultures
Kate campbell - When Panthers Roamed in Arkansas
By By Blackbirds - Every Night at Noon
Christine Szabo - Long Time Coming
Dreamsicles - Really Good at Loving You
Arrica Rose - Cats & Plants
John Gorka - My Invisible Gun
Joan Baez - Help Me Make It Through the Night
The Deadfields - Blood on My Guitar Strings
Nanci Griffith & the Crickets - Well... All Right
Head for the Hills - Chupchik
Tracy Bonham - Big Red Heart
Elvis - Burnin' Love

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